About Me

I came to archery slightly later in life. Having watched the London Olympics I decided I wanted to try my hand at archery. I duly signed up for a beginners course and became absolutely hooked. Shooting with a recurve bow only lasted for a few months. When I bought my first longbow (from eBay) I never went back to my recurve.

So now, not only was I in love with archery, but I was an avid Longbow Archer. 


My love of all things wooden has been a constant in my life. My Dad was a keen woodworker and was always happy to show me things. I went to college for three years and loved the course - I came out with a degree in Furniture Reproduction. I subsequently worked in the industry for six years but I became frustrated with working in a factory environment. Don't get me wrong - I learned an awful lot but my heart wasn't in it, I didn't feel the sense of achievement that I should have. That was 13 years ago.


Now I can put my love of woodworking and my skills into practise once again - only this time on my own terms. I am enjoying working with wood again and taking the time that every project deserves. I have a sense of achievement each time I produce an item or set of arrows for someone.


Helen sent me this text the evening I delivered her new arrows - "Just had to let you know what a fabulous night shooting I had tonight at 80 yards with my new arrows. They flew beautifully and consistently. Just amazing." This is why I wanted to make arrows!


I am based in Blaydon, Gateshead but I am happy to post items anywhere in the country. Please browse through my site and feel free to ask me any questions you may have. 


Thanks for looking



Indoor Arrows

Indoor arrows will come with 3" fletchings unless you choose otherwise. Fletchings can be either shield or parabolic. I tend to use white nocks because they are more durable but you can choose whichever colour you prefer. Arrows will be sealed and a final coat of varnish applied for an excellent durable finish. Satin or gloss can be chosen for the varnish. 

Bow Stands

Bow stands are made of an oak base with pine poles and a leather support. Keeping your bow upright indoors will help prevent it getting knocked over! Why not make it original by having your initials or name carved into it? Bow stands can be made to hold one or two bows - or more if needed.

The bow stand is finished in Danish Oil giving it a durable and pleasant finish. 

Outdoor Arrows

Outdoor arrows will come with 2" fletchings unless you would prefer another size. Shield or parabolic fletchings can be chosen. As with indoor arrows, they will be finished with varnish for an excellent durable finish. 

Footed Arrows

These were a set of arrows of which several had broken. Rather than throw them away I decided to use some mahogany to turn them into footed arrows. 

Previous Work - all photos on this website are my own work.

Based in Blaydon, Gateshead (Near Newcastle upon Tyne)