What I Will Need To Know:

Before ordering your arrows, please read the information below then follow this link to the Arrow Order Form and complete all the sections.

I will then contact you confirming the price. 

Standard - German Spruce/Pine

Standard arrows will be within 5lb spine and 30 grains in weight.

I will need to know the shaft size required. If you are unsure please refer to the Information Page. 

Tournament - German Spruce/Pine

Tournament arrows will be within 2lb spine and 5 grains in weight. 

I will need to know the shaft size and spine that you require. If you are unsure please refer to the Information Page

Spine Weight

Spine weight is important and related to the strength of your bow. If you were to shoot a very low spine weight arrow with a high poundage bow you may well damage your bow - possibly even break it. I usually use arrows which are 10lb below the weight of my bow. I shoot a 40lb bow so my arrows are spined at 30 - 35 lb. See the Information Page for interesting facts about arrows and the famous Archer's Paradox. 


I can offer a huge variety for your feather fletchings. Just name the colour required - is the cock feather a different colour to the hen feathers; do you want all the same colour or three different colours? I can also offer 4 fletchings if you require. Shield and parabolic would be standard shapes, but if you want something different just let me know. I make all my own fletchings from full length feathers. I also make all my own templates for the fletchings, so if you want something specific I should be able to help. 


Points come in a variety of weights from 20 to 160 grains. The very light ones will be in aluminium or nickel; many weights are available in brass and some are also available in steel. Depending upon the weight you require I can let you know which metal is available. I use TopHat points on all my arrows. With no tapering or compressing of the arrow and with a thread put onto the arrow first there is very little chance of this point coming off. I have never lost a point since using them. 


The picture at the top of this webpage shows the colours available for your arrows. The colours are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Metallic Purple, Black, Gold, Silver. A basic crested arrow would have up to three colours and some lines. An arrow like the ones above would involve a lot more work and as a consequence would be more expensive. I will be updating the webpage with a variety of arrow cresting options. If you have something specific in mind, let me know and if I can do it I will. 

Other Options

I offer the option for your arrows to be produced as barrelled, tapered or footed arrows. Please refer to the Information Page for details as to why you may wish to choose these options.

Your Information

I will need to have some information about your bow weight and draw length, especially if you are not sure what spine of arrow you require for your bow. Draw length is from the throat of the arrow nock to the front of your fingers holding the bow. I will then add at least one inch to this length. If you are a relatively new archer I will add two inches to the length because your style and anchor point may change thus increasing your draw length. If you know what length arrow you want then just let me know. I measure arrow length from throat of nock to back of point.