Products Available


Stands can be single or double to take one or two bows.

You may wish to  personalise your stand with your name or initials. 

These are designed for indoor use. I will soon be producing an outdoor stand, so watch this space! 




Single Bow Stand                                      £40

Single with up to 3 Initials                       £45

Double Bow Stand                                    £50

Double with up to 3 Initials                     £55

4 or more letters                                        £1 per extra letter



I use German Spruce for all the 5/16 and 11/32.  I have found that they are a lighter than the standard pine shafts which are available. Unfortunately, the German Spruce are not available in the other shaft sizes, so I use Boynton pine for the smaller diameter shafts. 

The price of your arrows will depend upon several choices. 



The prices shown here are for 12 arrows. If you require only 6 arrows then please just halve the price. 


Standard Quality                      £60

Tournament Quality                £80




Standard Arrows are within 5lb of spine and 30 grains of weight.

Tournament Arrows are within 2lb of spine and 5 grains of weight.


 I can supply arrow shafts in a range of sizes from 1/4" to 23/64". Please refer to the information page to determine which shaft size will best suit your bow. 

If you purchase a tournament set of arrows I keep a record of them. Should you then wish to add to your arrows I will be able to match the new arrows to your current selection. I am happy to make as many new arrows as you want, so if you want one, I will make one, if you want six, I will make six. Just contact me via the contact page and I can supply you with a price for your new matched arrows. (Sorry this service is not available if you purchase the standard arrow.)                 





Standard cresting would be one, two or three colours with a choice of lines.  



Standard Cresting                     Add £5 per set



The arrows below also represent standard cresting. 



Want to stand out from the crowd and add some 'wow' factor to your arrows?





Special Cresting             Add £25 per set



I make Flemish Twist Strings for Longbows.  All strings will be pre-stretched so when you come to shoot, there should  be minimal need to add extra twists. 




Fast Flight                                    £8

Fast Flight with Serving             £9